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Apr 24, 2005
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I totally can't stop eating them. I like the red pack (original) and the purple pack (berries?). I guess my dentist will be making some money on me. Taste the rainbow!

ok I definitely have a tummy ache now

Originally Posted by charms23
oh my goodness...I never thought anyone else could be addicted to them but me...I love the original one, that's the only one I can eat. This is bad though, cause now I'm craving them! Believe me, I ate WAY more than enough for both of us! I had to brush my teeth twice just to be on the safe side.
I love the sour skittles. Even though they hurt my tongue (due to the sourness) I love them!

You are not alone. I love the original pack and can finish the whole bag, but I need an ice cold bottle of Poland Spring water afterward. So good.....


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