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Jul 9, 2005
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I wanted to get a Mac fndt, so I ended up gettin the Studio Fix Fluid and I was suprised because the MA told me that my match is NC25 and not NC20 I thought I was all this time LOL

So I got:

-Studio Fix Fluid in NC25

-Synched Up 3D glass, I adore it!! I wish I had money for more, it's a warm caramel peachy with silver and green shimmers!

And from a CP I got Bare Study Paint Pot becaue here are sold out a month ago and they were LE :-(

I Love that Lipglass. I need to try it now. Nice stuff...............

Nice haul Sophia! Too bad 3D glasses are LE. I wish I had bought that color for myself.

Originally Posted by michal_cohen /img/forum/go_quote.gif great hauli want to see some new pic' of you

LOL I just posted a FOTD with my new goodies!!
sophia, you'll usually change foundation colors with the seasons. i'll bet you go back to nc20 when winter hits.

great haul!


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