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Apr 20, 2004
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Babe in a bottle..........

Floral and spice make you smell thinner

by Deb Dellapena

Researchers at Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation--the olfactory pioneers who discovered that pumpkin pie aroma makes men feel sexy, and green apple fragrance controls appetite--have now found that men who like floral-spicy scents thought women wearing the fragrance looked 12 pounds lighter. "It's the equivalent of vertical stripes on a shirt or blouse," says lead researcher Alan R. Hirsch, MD.

Hirsch's team studied the influence of three different scents: floral spice, citrus floral, and sweet pea-and-lily of the valley, on almost 200 men and boys, ages 12 to 61. The guys guessed the weight of a 5'9", 245-pound woman wearing each of the mixtures and underestimated by about 5 percent when she smelled of oranges and flowers.

Not all noses were fooled. Tailors were not persuaded by the floral-spice scent; neither were women. The best replica of the experimental slenderizing fragrance? A mixture of Old Spice men's cologne and floral shampoo.

lol. thats really, really interesting and bizarre at the same time. im not about to mix some old spice and floral perfume to find out, though.

If I happen to smell Old Spice, I would probably think of when my dad useto drown himself with it after he showered.


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