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Dec 14, 2003
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Just got this off Instyle. * Black eyeliner - pencil. Ensure that it is sharp. * Black eyeliner - brush. The thinner the liquid eyeliner is the better. * Eye shadow brush. Thin stumpy bristles are best to maintain control. * Dark eye shadow. Irridescent rather than flat matt (too hard), or shiny (too messy). * Highlight shimmer for under the eyebrow. Avoid garish looking ‘high glitter’. * A good eyebrow pencil. Try to select the most natural shade for you as possible. * Eyelash curlers. * Black mascara. Obviously choose a quality brand to avoid clumping and ‘spider eyes’. instructions: 1) Apply your foundation, under eye concealer and powder. 2) Using your black eyeliner pencil, start from the front corner of your eyelid. Draw a soft smudge line to the end of your lash line. 3) Use your eyeshadow brush to apply the dark eye shadow over the top of the smudged line for a soft smoky look. Ensure that the edges are neatly blended. 4) Then take the brush eyeliner and apply as close to your lashes as you can on the top lid only. Make the line as thick and pronounced as you wish, but make sure that the line is thickest at the outer corner, and thinner as you go inward. 5) Apply another smoky coat of eye shadow with the brush to blend the harsh edges. 6) Subtly blend your darker eye shadow up from your lashes to your eye crease. Then apply a shimmery highlight in white or cream under the outside corner of your eyebrow. 7) Use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more pronounced. 8) Curl your eyelashes, then apply thin coats of mascara, building the layers up gradually to avoid clumping.
Nice basic instructions


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