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Jun 25, 2012
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I have a friend who just quite smoking after being a two pack a day smoker for over twenty years. Now in her early forties, she is concerned that the smoking has done permanent damage to her skin that she will not be able to correct.I had heard before that if one quit smoking and began to take care of the skin properly that at least a portion of the damage caused by smoking would repair itself over the period of a couple of years. Is this not correct?If there are things my friend can do to improve the condition of her skin, does anyone have suggestions?

Yes, your friend can start with facials.  Find a local establishment who does facials (join if she can afford to) and get one facial monthly. It is cheaper if you join.  I joined Massage Envy.  I am almost 60 years old but people tell me I look 40-ish. My mother, who will be 90 has received facials her whole life off and on and she too looks about 70-ish.  Maybe good genetics, however, facials will remove the damaged layer of skin so your skin and collagen can re-activate.  It is a process, but you will see a difference right away.