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Jan 4, 2007
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well i bought a stila smudgepot reccently, and it's creamy, but using the fine brush I bought, it's hard to get enough on the brush to create a line.

How creamy should it be? it seems pretty hard - is it supposed to have a similar consistency to the whipped blushes by maybelline? mine is not like that. I can imagine it smoothing onto my finger ok.

I did a search on this and I really don't think the product is dried out, so any tips on how to use it? I've never used gel liner before. Any ideas?

thanks in advance

Mine is fairly hard too, so I use a really stiff brush to apply it, and push it onto my eye rather than drawing it on. I also make sure that I get a lot of product on the brush.


I've never used Stila's smudge pots before, but the ones I've used have a harder texture--basically like a khol liner melted into a pot and hardend. I think using a stiffer taperd brush works best. You might want to try browsing your craft/art supply store for brushes since there is a good selection, especially if you aren't sure you want to commit the usualy makeup brush price.

thanks girls.. I might do that. I really don't wanna screw up my expensive brushes

I agree with Speedy, use stiff brush for smudgepot. What eyeliner brush did you use?

use a taklon synthetic brush in the style you are most comfortable with... it's stiff enough to carry the product and draw a good line, and cleans well...

um, I used a really thin brush. Don't think it's an international brand but it's mid quality here...

I tried using my bigger, angled brush today. It worked better but I lost a few bristles

Originally Posted by pinksugar /img/forum/go_quote.gif thanks girls.. I might do that. I really don't wanna screw up my expensive brushes Hi,
I recommend using either a flat-edge or flat-angle brush with the smudge pot.

I can't recall if Smudgepots are gel or cream. I do know my Clinique Cream Liners don't have the same consistency and don't apply the same as MAC Fluidlines. Ya know what... I'm going to shut up and go now, because I have no idea why I'm posting! Hi Rosie LMAO!

They're gel if im not mistaken an they arent supposed to be THAT hard...but maybe you could bring it to the store to compare?

mm, I don't have a store that sells stila anywhere here.. I bought it online so I can't compare it, totally sucks..

LOL @ Aquilah! ya fewl!

So, come to think of it.... I once had a Smudgepot... It wasn't very creamy either... It was quite "hard" feeling.