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Mar 29, 2007
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we were on our anniversary vacation and then my mother has been here from the Philippines taking up all our time, and i have yet to have a good amount of time on MUT (which makes me feel guilty, since ya'll voted me MOTM), so tonight my husband is passed out on percocets (strained back), the kid is asleep, and my mom flew home last night.

I have been online since i got home from the gym, HBO is on in the background, and barely noticed that some foreign movie was playing, that was awhile ago

and NOW... all of a sudden i hear moaning, i turn around and there is an soft adult movie on (with REALLY bad acting, i might add)!


hilarious! when i am on MUT, nothing can distract me.


ha ha, I've done that before where I've left something bizarre on the television by accident. This place does draw your attention. That's for sure.