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Nov 6, 2006
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I dont think ill be around any tomorrow threw Sunday morning. Im going to pa to see family friends and Jazmyne! And to go to Kennywood of course. Just letting everyone know because last time I was away I got alot of messages making sure I was o.k

Maybe ill try to do a fotd really quick tonight?!?

Cool!! Guess what!! I'm going to Kennywood too! With my son, probably on Saturday!! I'll look for you... Chances are you WON'T recoginize me!! lol have fun!


Have a great time Ashlee!

will be looking forward to when you come back and post FOTD's again

Well, I'd be late on saying "Have fun!"

So, I'll go with, "Glad you're back! Why do you wish you hadn't gone?!"

It was actually pretty boring[i never thought id say that] too hot and no one had a good time for a number of reasons.

Well you must have had fun at Kennywood? Just got back from there.. It was a blast.. My back's killing me from all the coaster rides.. And the new swinging thingy.. Exterminator... Ate too much too!! Diet time! Lol. Sorry you didn't have fun!!



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