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So Pissedd

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Aug 13, 2007
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i am really really pissed off!!! i am soo pissed off that i wish i could kill him!!

sorry, this is just a rant but i think i deserve to blow smoke after what just happened!!

today is thrusday!! its weekend here.. me and my fiance have tomorrow off, so basically we spend whole nite chatting online..doing crazy stuff!!...
( we live in different countries)

but he is travelling tomorrow ..going to his grandmother's house..kinda far away!!and will be spending like 4-5 days..(because of Eid Holidays!!) anywz.. now ..today when he came online..he had his whole bunch of ******* cousins(unfortunately they are my couznz also as my fiance is my first cousin)..they were in his room

i said to kick them out!!

and how dare him..he replied..they are packing stuff..as we have to go tomorrow ..let them pack and then i'll tell them to go away

this soo pissed me off :mad:

awwwwwwwwwwww... ******#@#@((#(#*#*#&&*@!*@*

i am soooooo maddd...

i didnt spend time with my friend as i thot he would be coming online and i rushed home..

but he cares more about those idiots :mad:

and they were not even packing..idiotssss..

they were playing with laptops and mobiles..


i then said everything that i could think of..i told him that he was an ******* for saying this to me..if i could ditch people for him ..i expect him to do the same!!

and then i signed off!!

but i am soo pissed off!! i am soo angryyyyyyyyyyy!!

dunt i deserve the same attention..why does he have to be nice to everyone,, i know he wanted time for us,but why couldn't he just kick them out of his room when they were just messing around..

i will not speak to him..until he begs me to forgive him!!

some of you must think i am over reacting...but i think if i give him my un divided attention. i deserve the same!! its tit for tat!!

he cant expect to take everything and not give!!


i hate him noww..

i just hate him!!!

i even turned off my cell..i know he must have tried calling me but screw him!! i willnot speak to him now~!!

oki..done with ranting :-s