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Feb 26, 2006
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a guy called me today and said that it was hard to reach me

it turned out that he have a store and he found near his store a package that i got from a mut member

how rude is that

why my package was under a car?

does the mail driver drooped it by accident?

and how sweet was of the guy to reach me and give me my package

I'm going to get it tomorrow with my dad

so its really a awsome raok for me

ill give him 4$ or something

I'm glad you will be getting your package! Does make you wonder what happened. It is good to know there are still decent people that will do the right thing, though.

Glad you're getting the package Michal! Be sure to let us know what you got!

i will

ill get it 9 hours from now

Maybe the guy will be single and cute! LOL. You never know!

I am so glad that you will be getting your package=)

lamo angela

im seein someone about 2 weeks now

i got the pacage it was from a swap that i did with amnda(manda)

it was open but everything was inside

here a pic

she was so sweet she add me the ulta gloss and an eyeliner for free


now i need to update my notepad again

i just update it last night


I will be very upset if my package was treated in that way. Is postal service not good in Israel generally?

Anyway, I'm glad you received the thingy and all look nice!

that never happend to me

i dont know how it happen

and god know how much time it was under a car


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