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Jan 4, 2007
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wasn't this thoughtful? it was my 1 year anniversary with my bf today, and we were going to do something really special and buy each other something really nice, but because of his injury and everything, neither of us had time to buy anything and we obviously couldn't go out to a restaurant or anything like that because aaron is finding it difficult to eat.

I was a bit down because I had been looking forward to buying something really special for my bf and doing something really romantic and nice.

Well my sister went shopping and when she came back, she had a bottle of champaign and a bunch of gorgeous hot pink roses to say happy anniversary. She and my mum had both put money in to buy us the roses and champaign because they wanted the day to be special.

I thought that it was so thoughtful and sweet of them! have you ever done anything sweet and thoughtful like that for someone else? or have you been the lucky recipient of something sweet that made you feel good inside?


that so sweet

i love to surprise others

one lady at my temp job gave me some of her daughter jewelry she didnt asked me bout it just gave me and said they wanted to throw it out so i thought about you

and she asked me to come to her car and brought me electric blanket and she drove me home

awww! <3 so cute! I cant think of anything at the moment but i'll get back to you.

Happy Anniversary to you and Aaron <3

Never happened to me, even though when I was in HS, my then bf who graduated 3 years prior sent 6 dozen roses to my school on our 3 year anniversary...haha.

Awww that was so sweet!!

About me my mother brought me 24 roses to school on my bday years ago.

That was such a nice surprise. I had surgery in March and when I got home, my best friend was here with a big meal and drinks and flowers and she had cleaned my house for me. She is always thoughtful like that.

Rosie, that is so sweet of your sister and mom.
Happy Anniversary!

One year I cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving. Things were tense between my parents and I and they didn't show up for dinner. I headed to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy some Tylenol. The cosmetician working at the time was off in one hour's time and looked upset. She said her family doesn't have much money but they managed to buy a turkey Her mom burned the turkey by accident and they were expecting family over for dinner. Her mom was so excited to finally be able to have people over for a nice dinner and then this happens.

I headed home, packed up the turkey, veggies, the whole bit and headed to Shoppers. I waited until she came out and told her I had a surprise for her, presented her with the food.She was so delighted and said this will make her day, especially for her mom.

It does feel great when you help others and when people help you out.

That was very thoughtful! Isn't it a nice to find out someone has done something for you that you would have never expected? Very sweet indeed.

wow my mom or sister has never done anything like that for me and a boyfriend.

but they one time gave me $300 toward my trip to japan to see one of my good friends (which will hopefully happen this summer).

Last winter I got a TERRIBLE cold.
It was really bad. I was too weak to walk, eat, talk all I did was sleep. My parents left for Europe the week before, so I was all by myself.
My bf was in Missouri taking care of some business. Well I called him, and started crying b/c I was so alone and I was in so much pain. I told him I just wanted him here to make me some chicken noodle soup.
I went back to sleep that day around noon. The door bell rang around 10 p.m. I was scared as hell b/c no one comes that late, plus I'm all alone. I barely got up opened the door, and there was my bf! with chicken noodle soup in hand
He said, "I don't know how to make it, but I sure as hell know how to buy it." That's when I knew he was a keeper.


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