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Jun 1, 2007
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A mistake when your putting on your makeup? I'm always using wet Qtips to fix things that get misplaced... Eye shadow that falls onto my cheeks, or when the mascara wand goes and I guess it depends on how far along I am too... Some are really hard to repair....

Anyone just say screw it and wash everything off and start over? I feel like it some times but never have...


i just wipe it with a q-tip..

but sometimes i'm too annoyed that i messed up and wipe it off my face with my fingers

(runs and hides)

i used q-tip too

but sometimes after i put my blush

i see that i put too much and i cant fix it so im washing all away

The Q-tip is my best friend for booo boos and also to remove the remnants of eye shadow on my face i use a wedge cosmetic sponge to gently wipe away.

I've never washed my whole face either. I always end up fixing it no matter what. I use wet Q-tips for when I poke my eye with the mascara wand and there's mascara everywhere, when e/s falls under my eyes I try to swipe gently then use wet Q-tip and more concealer lol. Sometimes I use eye makeup remover on the Q-tip and then another one wet to clean. For too much blush I swipe my fingers over my cheeks and wipe them constantly until I get enough off then buff the rest a bit, sometimes I add a bit more of mmu over it to tone it down, etc etc.

If you check my DTB entry and my FOTD for the 22nd I had to do quite a bit of repair work since I had to transform the DTB in a FOTD hahaha no water to wash face that day.

I tend to use a Q-Tip dipped in a small amount of my 'Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk' for any eyeshadow, mascara or eyeliner mistakes xxx
If I am in a hurry or going to work, I just fix the mistake best I can with a q-tip or baby wipe. If I'm going out, it's a special occasion, etc. then I have been known to wash it all off and start over.

Usually a damp q-tip, but I have taken it all off in the past when it's been too much blush/foundation/ect.

Just had to google Q-Tip as I didn't know what it is, in Australia we call them cotton buds.

I go though to much if I was to take it all off and start again, I always fix the mistake with the corner of a baby wipe or similar as it happens often.

q-tip for fixing around the eyes, and i buff in lots of finishing powder if i overdo the blush/bronzer

My lashes are really long so whenever I apply mascara the tips tend to hit my eyeshadow and leave marks; it drives me crazy. Usually I just wet my finger and rub the mascara off. Also, if I use to much blush, which happens all the time because I'm so pale, I'll put a little more powder on my powder blush and keep blending the blush until it tones down.

I use a fluffy powder brush to brush off the eyeshadow that falls on my cheeks. As far as mascara that gets on my lids...I just use my finger to remove it! lol!


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