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Apr 12, 2006
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so as soon as you get preg you know there are so many signs is face breakout one?

Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif In some people it may...others get amazing glowing skin. Yep, several people I know who have acne had wonderful glowy skin throughout their pregnancies
hmm maybe now i should explain why i ask

i ran out of birth control...thought i had another pack but nooo so i had my husband run to planned parent hood to get the pills.. i had to work.. they would give them to him. so two days later i went.. the day i was off. they were closed... so i went the next day and got them but in between we had se.. did the "pull out method" week later i get sick.. like hot and cold flash's im gunna puke.. maybe a fever but culdnt really tell. i had MAD stomach pain.. and now i have a runny nose.. so i could have got a cold but the stomich pain was unbelievable.. and now my face is crazy out of control with acne. on my chest my back.. i took a test yesterday but i think its too soon

Maybe you are just nervous since you are newly married? If you are newly pregnant,congratulations!

lol.. it would be neat to be preg.. but not sure if we would be ready... i dont feel nervous.. wel i kinda do i take that back... hmmm

I'm not really familiar with birth control, but is it possible that you're feeling sick because you were off your meds for a little while?

i will tell you this much,every time i thought i was pregnant, i gave myself symptoms, and when i finally was pregnant, i didnt even know... of course, a couple weeks later the morning sickness came.

Luckily i've never suffered with breakouts during my pregnancies but the morning sickness was a killer

I can say right now that my skin is behaving very well. No breakouts here, just clear skin.

But as other people said here already, hormones can greatly affect the appearnace of your skin.

i never had that "glow" when i was preggo... my skin was horrible and almost a year later it's the same!!!

Yup, hormones doubles up when your pregnant. Morning sickness although i have it all day every other day, headaches, sensitive breasts, moodiness, and BREAKOUTS here and there.

First trimester is the worst experience for me. But goodluck with your HPT results.