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Feb 12, 2005
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When Soleil Moon Frye delivers her second child, she may once again have a comforting – and famous – friend at her side: Demi Moore.

"This one," Frye, 31, told PEOPLE on Thursday, pointing to Moore at the grand opening of Frye's eco-friendly baby boutique The Little Seed, "she's the queen mama. She's the most incredible mom."

But Moore, 45, who was there with Frye when the Punky Brewster star gave birth to her daughter two years ago, says Frye "is doing just fine."

And will Moore, a mother of three, return to the delivery room for Frye next year? "I hope so!" Moore told PEOPLE. "We got to keep the team together."

"Are you kidding?" chimes in Frye, "She's the best birthing coach in the entire universe."

Frye is married to Jason Goldberg, 36, the producer of MTV's prank show Punk'd that Moore's husband, Ashton Kutcher, hosted.

And while Frye draws strength from Moore, she also looks to her own daughter, 2-year-old Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg.

"I learn more from her than she ever could learn from me," Frye says. "She's far wiser than I am."

wow, that's different, but nice. i remember watching her when i was little. i loved punky brewster. and i don't mean to change the subject, but i've always wondered if she got any plastic surgery on her face. it looks really different, especially her chin, than from where she was younger.


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