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May 6, 2004
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GUESS WHAT.. we've got Sun in Ireland... Its sunny & hot outside & im stuck ina flamin office for probably the only good weather we'll get all year.. I'm going mad. Somebody save me! 50 mins til lunch, i cant wait to run outside!!!

Oh, how i WISH i could!! I had a lovely lunch out in the sun earlier.. Was awful having to go back into work. Just hope the weather stays until the weekend so i can go out in it on Sat & Sun!

I would be glad to trade my hot as hell weather for anyones cooler weather, man Louisiana weather is the worst.

I took a walk this morning and instead of being refreshed I was cranky as all H**L from the heat and humidity. Welcome to Florida!!

Originally Posted by GR8FISCH houston is the same...keep wishing my fat would melt before I do. LOL!
K, just to update y'all.. its flaming RAINING here again and has been since last Sat. Ugh, i am so moving out of Ireland once i make my millions..!

Hi Kitty I was just in Florida (Orlando ) and I love it. Hope to move there soon. Dont mind the heat but the frizzies do get to me--- oh well.


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