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Jan 17, 2006
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In NYC! A friend of mom is going to travel there in a few weeks and i want her to bring me a Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope or a Classic II;

BUt i can't seem to find a store that sells it that's located on NYC - plus, the only one i saw was very expensive

The MC II stethoscope costs around 72-82 dollars and the CII 60-70 dollars - more than that is too much;

I´m obviously no help, because I´ve never been to NYC.

I just wanted to say I love my Littmann, it´s great quality!!! Mine was $80 I think, not sure if it´s an MCII or a CII though.

Can´t you get them in Brazil? Or are they just cheaper in the US?

I would think you can find them in a surgical supply store. My mother works in that business, i'll try to call her and ask her (we're not far from the city)

That's not really an option because of the import taxes :/ Plus, if she can get it, it'd be a lot better (fakes pop all the time on ebay, even stethoscopes)

UPDATE: i found a solution

Littmann website suggests some places to buy online, so i emailed the ones that were cheaper in order to find if they accepted international CC if the shipping address was in USA. So, they replied and said that yes, they could! I'm planning on ordering from this website:

Nursing Scrubs - Nursing Uniforms & Medical Supplies at - it has a reasonable price and it looks very trustworthy.

ETA: Andi, the MC II doesn't have the 'top' part (it has a place where you put your finger instead)


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