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May 6, 2004
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Oh guys ye gotta help me. I vowed not to spend anymore after buying the Stila palette during the week & i've just spent another $35..

My friend from another site was selling some of her MAC items so of course i couldn't say no! I'm getting:

MAC Gleam e/s

MAC Mineralize e/s in Aristocrat

MAC Taupographic Shadestick

I really bought the shadestick for my mom though! She bought her 1st ever MAC product during the week (beige-ing shadestick) so im gonna surprise her with this! But of course i'm sure i'll find a way of using it too!!

But i don't! Thats the problem.. I'm supposed to be broke but i keep using my mom's CC. She aint gonna be happy when the bill arrives

Originally Posted by Laura LOL! I know... *evil laugh* You could always get your own CC, then it would be your problem and your mum wouldn't get cross.
It's kinda weird for me, because I have all this MU and do my face up all pretty, but I can't actually afford to go out and show it off! If I'm given a choice between going out for a meal, or having more MU, the MU wins hands down.

Here's to sitting watching the Hollyoaks omnibus on a Sunday wearing a full face of MU


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