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May 25, 2006
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It said OMFG You r so HOT! And Your Lucky?

I do not recognize the number and I text them back asking who is this no reply at all lol

Damn this is so gonna bug me

Ok, ya caught me!!! I give up!!
Lol. And Ohappydays, how can you tell its a guy?? Hehe

But I get those too.. Except they don't say I'm hot!! Or lucky!! I get a lot of voice mail too.. From some financial firm out west for someone else..

Guess it means your popular?? Or someone in your area has a secret dislexic admirer!!


lol! When I don't want people to know my number I use it and my bf always uses it when HE prank calls people! He has a bunch of contacts in his phone that are like this "Maria- Prank Call" , "Josh- Prank Call" for people he prank calls all the time lol and he has *87+number saved, what a nerdo!

i hate that when it happens!!

i cant stand it!

sometimes i just call n blast off :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

i cant stand some1 calling me from a number unknown to me or text*n!

Maybe its different where you live but I thought it was *67 that blocks your number from showing up on the other persons phone.

yeah I think it is *67...ooops! I think I was thinking of how to get to voicemail, LOL! Yeah try *67!

yeah i was wondering about the star thing. haha i use *67 a lot i prank call too much. haha.