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Apr 23, 2006
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He has a flight at 6am Friday morning. We are hoping my daughter can get up to FT Drum to see him one more time before deployment. I won't get to see him for a least 10 months. It's been so nice having him here and I've gotten to know him so much better and love him a little more everyday. I can't express to you how much I hate him being deployed....for both of their sakes and he's going to Bagdhad.....smack in the middle of it all. I bought them both cameras for their computers so they can see each other after he is overseas. I'm all sad again and I feel for them having to be seperated again so soon. Do any of you have someone deployed? All encouragement that I can pass on to my daughter is welcome and appreciated. I know in all reality that he will probably be fine, but there are never any guarantees. Just venting a little......again.........Thanks yall.

My heart breaks for you and the newlyweds. The cameras were a thoughtful gift. I have a nephew in the Navy. I don't live near my family so I don't get a lot of information about all the kids, but usually when he ships out, no one knows where he's going. We don't know if he's near Korea or in the Middle East. My husband's cousin was in Bagdad for almost a year. He's a cardiologist. Sounded like he had to stay pretty close to the hospital when he was there. But I don't know if the medical staff is equiped like other military personnel. My prayers go out for you son-in-law and to all off our military who are over seas.

My man is a Marine, and though not deployed now, he was, not too long ago.

My biggest thing was acceptance, that this long time apart may be preparing me for a lifetime apart. It's so hard to keep your head up, but eventually it becomes normal. You miss that person so much, but you do cope with it -- and not necessarily in misery.

I don't know what to say because nothing will ever make it okay. But I can say that it is a grieving process of a different sort...and while it hurts, you always get through it.

Lots of love to you, your families and especially your daughter. <3

bummer...he will be fine. i don't know how army wives do it.. my boyfriend was in the army for a couple years and he was in iraq for a year when we first got involved with the war. I'm so glad he is done with all that. I couldn't be without him for that long

A very dear friend of mine has done 2 tours of duty in Iraq. It's so hard, but just have faith that everything will be all right. That's all you can really do.


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