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Mar 7, 2005
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most of my sonia kashuk brushes work just as well, if not better, than my chanel brushes.

first off, SK's powder brush is SO soft, whereas chanel's are so NOT soft. i use that and forget about chanel.

second, the blush brush goes that way, too. i never pick up chanel's.

third, the eyeshadow brushes work just as well as chanel's, except for a few.

fourth (LOL), the concealer brushes are the same.

to give chanel SOME credit, i think their foundation brush is way better and bigger than SK's :icon_love

all in all, i think everyone should invest in SK brushes because they're all under $10 and work SO well. i don't think chanel's sucks, i just think SK's are very good quality. if you buy the ultimate brush set, it's $30 for 5-6 brushes.

and that, ladies and gent, was my summer essay.



honestly i just like my chanel brushes for when im out,lol but thanks for the heads up

Arent sonia brushes at target?i never tried them cause i didnt think they would be good,now ill try them!

Thanks for the info, Jennifer!How is the shedding of the SK brushes though?

I really do like the Chanel blush brush because of it's stiffer quality. I have a hard time using blush, it never shows up on me for some reason. I found that with the Chanel blush brush, the blush really looked great. I have the Sonia Kashuk one and found it was okay to use with my loose powder and compact, but not with blush. I LOVE the Chanel kabuki, but Benefit is coming out with one too that will cost a lot less. I can't wait! =)

I have that same pink SK brush set and its the only thing I use on a daily basis! I also got the white travel-sized one.. its a bit smaller but the quality and softness is still very much there unlike other brands *cough*MAC*cough* =) i'm glad the SK doesn't shed after you wash it. however, the powder one did shed a few pieces when i first used it but after that its been shed-free! id like to try SK's metal eyelash comb and her skincare line too.

Great post Jennifer. I have about 5 SK brushes and I've had no problems with them at all as far as shedding or anything else goes. They are nice and really get the job done. They last long too. I've only had mine about 2 years so far, but they are doing GREAT!!! I'd definitely buy more if the ones I have ever got lost or worn out.

I have the Sonia Kashuk set in the pink case. I had a much more expensive Sephora brush set before that I didn't like half as much. I agree, the powder and blush brushes are incredibly soft. The blush brush makes my blush look so natural.

I don't think they sell the set in the pink case anymore. It was $29.99. The now sell a different version in a hard white case for $19.99 that doesn't include the powder brush.

Jennifer I've been wondering how you were liking your Chanel brush set. I have been meaning to get on here and start a post to ask you but just didn't get around to it. I, too, have that pink SK brush set and I use some of them daily. Thanks for letting us know.

charmaine, mine sheds very little. i don't think i have #4. what's it look like?

gwen, yep, they're at target!

jess, mine barely shed. i think the only one that does is the powder brush, but again, very little.

krista, that's why i don't like it. it's too stiff, in my opinion. i have yet to try my chanel kabuki. i actually keep forgetting about it LOL i need to try it now.

ayce, i have the lash comb. i'd go for the mascara wand (#7). the lash comb was okay, but i like the wand better.

spaz, i haven't seen that set yet! is the case more attractive?

trisha, i totally agree with the name thing. i wouldn't have bought the brushes separately, but for 14 pieces for $160, i was just like whatever.

jen, if you buy them from the guy i bought them from for the price, i think they're worth it. the eyeshadow pieces are good and they're very sturdy. it's just the blush and powder brushes i don't like. let me know what you end up doing

I needed some brushes in a pinch because the MAC brush SET i got was not exactly that great. i was really disappointed with it. So i got some SK brushes from Target.. and i love em. Their not MAC, but OH WELL! they work really well!

Originally Posted by Jennifer spaz, i haven't seen that set yet! is the case more attractive? I like the new case better. It's smaller and sleeker, but it is hard so it doesn't have the zip closure which is another thing I like about the pink one. But it doesn't come with the big powder brush nor would the big powder brush fit in it if you bought it separately. I saw the pink case set that we have for 50% off before they brought in the new sets. That ticked me off since I had just bought the pink case set a couple of months beforehand. I should have gotten a spare for half off. I must have had a dumb moment.
I have lots of SK brushes, and I love them all!! I also have a few of the CVS brand Essence of Beauty brushes, and they're fab as well! Of course I also have a few high-end brushes, and I love those too! I think there are hits and misses in all lines.

Originally Posted by Charmaine I have one essence of beauty brush and I love it! It's the slanted eyeliner brush and it's really thin and good for lining. Less than three bucks!
That was my first EoB brush and I love it too!! I use it with my gel liners. I also have the foundation brush, and I like it a lot better than my Face Secrets one. The other ones I own are the crease brushes (fabulous - someone I know likes these better than MAC #219). It's actually a duo - the larger one is perfect for the crease and outer "V" area, and the smaller one is great for highlighting the browbone and inner corners of the eye. Oh, I also have some of the smudgers too, but I prefer the one I got from Target simply because it's bigger.
Word to the wise, I thought the stand up purse brush was pretty crappy, so I'd stay away from that!

Originally Posted by Charmaine Thanks Erica! I was just looking at that purse brush when I went to CVS tonight! I'm gonna check out the other ones you mentioned...I can't wait to go back to CVS. I don't know what CVS's sales are this week, but they often have a buy one, get the second 1/2 off on the EoB line, so you might wanna wait until they run a sale if you're thinking of picking up several. I know I paid $10 each for the foundation brush and stand up purse brush, and though the foundation brush was well worth my $10, the purse brush wasn't worth $1, IMO. I wish I could've gotten it half price, LOL

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