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Jun 12, 2004
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Can someone tell me about this diet and the details? I really want to lose weight and am looking for a way to motivate me and or help me eat better and what not. I hate those places online where they will help you but only after you have paid a fee. Any free information about this diet would help a lot.

I found this on, it's not very informative, but it will give you a little insight as to what it's about. My boss has the book on this diet, and it's a pretty BIG book - so I'm sure that it's somewhat involved....

The South Beach Diet
is not low-carb. Nor is it low-fat. The South Beach Diet
teaches you to rely on the right carbs and the right fats and enables you to live quite happily without the bad carbs and bad fats. Here's how you'll do it:

Phase 1: Banishing Your Cravings

Phase 2: Reintroducing Carbs

Phase 3: A Diet for Life

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What you'll eat: During Phase 1, you'll eat normal-size helpings of meat, chicken, turkey, fish, and shellfish. You'll have plenty of vegetables, eggs, cheese, and nuts. You'll have salads with real olive oil in the dressing. You'll have three balanced meals a day, and it will be your job to eat so that your hunger is satisfied.

Nothing undermines a weight-loss plan more than the distressing sensation that you need more food. No sane eating program expects you to go through life feeling discomfort. You'll be urged to have snacks in the midmorning and midafternoon, whether you want to or not. You'll have dessert after dinner. You'll drink water, of course, plus coffee or tea if you wish.

What you won't eat: For the first 14 days you won't be having any bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, or baked goods. No fruit, even. Before you panic: You'll begin adding those things back into your diet again in two weeks. But for right now, they're off-limits. No candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, or sugar for two weeks, either. No beer or alcohol of any kind. After this phase, you'll be free to drink wine, which is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Not a drop during the first two weeks, however.

Now, if you're the kind of person who lives for pasta or bread or potatoes, or if you believe that you can't get through a day without feeding your sweet tooth (three or four times), let me tell you something: You're going to be shocked at how painlessly two weeks will pass without these foods. The first day or two may be challenging; but once you weather that, you'll be fine.

It's not that you'll have to fight your urges—the cravings will virtually disappear during the first week. I say this with such confidence only because so many overweight people who have already succeeded on this program tell me so. The South Beach Diet
may be new to you, but it has existed for several years—long enough to have helped hundreds of people lose weight easily and keep it off.

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How you'll change: Beneath the surface even bigger changes are happening. You won't be able to see it, but you'll have also started changing your body chemistry. In these first two weeks you'll have corrected the way your body reacts to the very foods that made you overweight.

There's a switch inside you that had been turned on. Now, simply by modifying your diet, you'll have turned it off. The physical cravings that ruled your eating habits will be gone, and they'll stay away for as long as you stick with the program. The weight loss doesn't happen because you're trying to eat less. It will happen because you'll be eating fewer of the foods that created those old bad urges—fewer of the foods that caused your body to store excessive fat.

What you'll eat now: As a result of that change, you should continue to lose weight after the 14-day period ends; even though you will have started adding some of those banished foods back into your life. You'll still be on a diet, but if it's bread you love, you'll have bread. If it's pasta, you'll reintroduce that. Rice or cereal, too. Potatoes. Fruit will definitely be back. Chocolate? If it makes you feel good, sure.

You will have to pick and choose which of these indulgences you permit yourself. You won't be able to have all of them all the time. You'll learn to enjoy them a little differently than before—maybe a little less enthusiastically. But you will enjoy them again soon.

You'll remain in Phase 2 and continue losing weight until you reach your goal. How long it takes depends on how much you need to lose. Once you hit your target, you'll switch to an even more liberal version of the program, which will help you to maintain your ideal weight.

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This is the stage that lasts the rest of your life. When you get to this point, you'll notice that this plan feels less like a diet and more like a way of life. You'll be eating normal foods, after all, in normal-size portions. You can then feel free to forget all about the South Beach Diet
, as long as you remember to live by its few basic rules.

The final change: As you're losing weight and altering how your body responds to food, a third change will be taking place. This one will significantly alter your blood chemistry, to the long-term benefit of your cardiovascular system. You will improve invisible factors that only cardiologists and heart patients worry about. Thanks to this final change, you will substantially increase your odds of living long and well—meaning you will maintain your health and vitality as you age.

You may start on the South Beach Diet
hoping just to lose weight. If you adopt it and stay with it, you will surely accomplish that much—plus all the benefits of a healthy diet and a thinner body. Are you ready to lose weight and get heathly?

I find low carb diets, even if it's in the beginning REALLY hard because I live on campus and I might as well not eat if I am going to cut out carbs. They don't have a very good selection of foods here. Mostly ALL microwavable dinners and what not.
I basically only grocery shop in the campus store. So, if I could jump right into the phase after the carb counting phase then that'd be cool. I guess I will just have to wait until I am not here at school anymore it seems to lose weight.

I didn't say it was carb counting. You said or someone said that in the beginning the 1st phase is similar to the 1st phase in atkins. Well, I can't do that phase. Depending on HOW similar it is to atkina. Because if I did do that phase I'd be on some sort of tuna fish diet.

I second what naturally said! My hubby and I have been doing SBD, and we love it! Basically, now that we've done it for quite a while, our main thing that we've cut almost permanently has been overly-processed bread (whole grain is good for you!). We still use it once in a while, but it's gotten us into veggies, and the meat has actually been helping to keep my iron levels up! I say go for it, if you can at least give it a try!

I might as well buy this detox kit from Luminescence instead. And, bread and pasta aren't evil, so I will never cut them from my diet or food. And, majority of veggies I dislike. I mostly only enjoy broccoli and cucumbers. And, who knows if I can have those ones. I hate salads, unless it's cucumbers and vinegar. I swear someday I am going to make a salad with cabbage, that isn't cole slaw.

All these diets sound no good for me because I couldn't possibly cut out bread or pasta. First my school doesn't sell veggies (in the one market they sell cut up carrots and celery *blah*). Some fruit in baskets (apples and oranges). And, majority of the lean cuisine and stouffer frozen dinners have pasta in them. They sell lean cuisine pizzas. Rice. Soups (with pasta). Macaroni and cheese. Cereals. Spaghetti. All you can think of that's microwavable. Right now in my life NONE of these diets would work for me. They do sell lunch meat but I've never had a lunch meat sandwich without bread, and sandwiches aren't sandwiches without it. To me the sandwich is the sandwich without the meat, as long as it has bread and mayo. I guess I just need to go run a hell of a lot on the track. They certainly don't want us healthy here. Because the most recent new thing they got was a TWINKIE RACK!

And, no corn (I hate beets) but if NO CORN than that means no corn bread, corn tortilla's, corn cake? Damn. These diets are too restricitve. No sugar? That's completely similar to Atkins. I learned in my nutrition class ladies that NO FOOD IS A BAD FOOD. Just we need to learn moderation, which american's don't seem to know how to do. A guy even came in who eats JUNK everyday of his life but runs a hell of a lot and is "healthy as a horse". And, I also learned why all these diets are bogus. I wish I had that class now so I could ask her what she thought of SBD. And, what was wrong with it.

Nicely put!

Originally Posted by naturally And who was that famous runner that keeled over from a heart attack!
Sugar perhaps naturally occuring ones ..honey, turbinado, ones that AREN'T processed ..which comes down to just about alot of those things you mentioned ..they are PROCESSED ..and when you process them strip them of their very things that make them healthy or acceptable! White Rice ...way too much starch considering there isn't much fiber (if any there) ..have BROWN rice ...higher in fiber! Corn ..HIGH IN STARCHES ..hello's STARCH w/o FIBER that is the death of many obese folks (taco chips, fritos, etc). SBD is NOT completely similar to Atkins ..not at all ..reason why you stay away from sugars is because it brings on cravings! That guy who eats junk food everyday ...I'd like to see him a few years from now! He WON"T be nearly in the same shape he is now ..I'd imagine he's pretty young ...let's see him when he's 50 or so ..if he makes it!

Microwavable meals ..YUM (NOT!) ...granted school days aren't the best times for eating wholesome healthy meals ..but it CAN be done and YES you can have sandwiches ...ON BREAD! Yes I have bread my toast on Sunday mornings with my breakfast ..but it's WHOLE GRAIN bread ..(FIBER) ...have you noticed alot of mention on FIBER here ..FIBER is essentual need it to get rid of that other crap. It's complex carbs ..slower digested, stays with you longer, fills you up quick!

Macaroni and cheese ..actually ..if you made that homemade ..with a really good quality macaroni ..not something made from WHITE FLOUR & water ..and a low fat or fat free cheese! And yes ..moderate portions a KEY!

And NO FOOD IS A BAD FOOD ...that last item you mentioned ..TWINKIES ...BAD BAD BAD ...also Potato Chips ...etc. FILL UP on it ..and then wonder why in years to come you have issues/problems ...whether they are weight related, skin related, mood related, comes down to eating healthy ..your choice!

Actually no, that guy isn't young. He's in his 50's NOW. And, he's probably older now because I had that class 3 years ago. He's a physical trainer. It's not about what you eat. It's about when you eat it. Seriously my nutrition teacher said, and you are not a nutritionist, I mean unless you are one, she said "no food is a bad food". I believe it. It's about moderation even with these foods you consider "bad". If we ate portion sizes, the right ones, with exercise we'd all be fine. EXCEPT, every body is different and digest foods differently. I actually don't eat that much as it is. My weight gain has first of all been from the "freshman 20" (I actually gained exactly 20lbs when I first came to college) and stress (I have depression and social anxiety). Let me rid of those and we'll see me shed the pounds I want to. Plus exercise. I don't exercise, AT ALL. Trust me, if I exercised as much as I am suppose to or a person is suppose to or had just a lot more activity in my life. I'd guarantee you I'd lose the weight I want to and still eat the same. As a young girl I was very active. Always outside running around and ate the same as I do now. A lot of people probably ate a lot of junk as a young kid and claim "well I had a high metabolism" well think back and think about how active we are as kids. Forced to take gym classes althroughout our education. Running around and what not after school. If I had a gym class now and was as active, I wouldn't be having the problem I am having. But, you can deprive yourself of certain foods. All foods are healthy in moderation with exercise. That is what I will continue to believe it. Since it came from a nutritionist. And, I hate sugary stuff by the way, one cookie makes me feel like I am going to throw up or become sick. So, I don't eat them very often, at all. But, anyway, we'll see what happens over Christmas break.

BTW, my boyfriend cut down how much coke he drank and lost 20lbs (hand over my heart) but he didn't stop drinking it totally. So, that's a little proof about moderation. Every once in awhile he will have some. Me, I wish I could do that, but all I drink is water and unsweetened ice tea. And, every once in awhile a powerade (rarely).

Well, I for one appreciate everyone taking time out of your schedules to post all the kind suggestions, information, and advice. It just goes to show you that everyone is different. Just as different fragrances smell different on different people because of their body chemistry, so diets and eating work differently wih different people's chemistry. Thanks for everyone's kind replies!
I for one am grateful that we have such helpful members who look out for each other! That was a lot of time spent researching for some of you, so thank you!

Happy Holidays!

Originally Posted by Pinktronic I learned in my nutrition class ladies that NO FOOD IS A BAD FOOD.. You can't honestly believe that Victoria.. How can coke be GOOD for you. It's full of chemicals, there's not one bit of nutrition in it so it's NOT good for you. Your boyfriend might get away with drinking it in moderation but it's not GOOD for him. I believe that anything that we put into our mouths that is processed (meaning chemicals, sweeteners, flavourings added) is bad for you. Some of the so called "healthy" meals might have some nutrition but i wouldn't call them GOOD for you.. Anyway, that's my opinion on the whole situation!
PS. Thanks SO much to Naturally, Kage & NYAngel for the great info you provided on the SBD. @D

I always heard that if you put a Twinkie outdoors somewhere and came back like 5 years later, that it would still be there, that can't be good, all those preservatives, I think they are gross anyway and I never drink soda either, both are just toooooooooooo sweet for me
Originally Posted by Harleymom10860 I always heard that if you put a Twinkie outdoors somewhere and came back like 5 years later, that it would still be there, that can't be good, all those preservatives, I think they are gross anyway and I never drink soda either, both are just toooooooooooo sweet for me Or if you dip a dirty copper coin in a glass of coke over night, it will come out spotless after 24 hours.. My cousin did that & i was turned off Coca Cola for a few months. Kinda got over it though coz i drink it now again (at times)!
Ever tried putting ketchup on a penny? It'll turn you off for awhile too!

Originally Posted by laura127 Or if you dip a dirty copper coin in a glass of coke over night, it will come out spotless after 24 hours.. My cousin did that & i was turned off Coca Cola for a few months. Kinda got over it though coz i drink it now again (at times)!
No but i think i might coz i know i gotta stop drinking that rubbish! Thanks for the tip Shoey

Actually I wasn't truly interested in the SBD. I was just making posts to get my rank up for the required 35 for the contest.

Originally Posted by shoediva Ever tried putting ketchup on a penny? It'll turn you off for awhile too!
Or if you put a slice of bologna on car paint - it will take it off!!!
Originally Posted by shoediva Ever tried putting ketchup on a penny? It'll turn you off for awhile too!
I wonder if it has something to do with acids in the tomatoes?? Is there acid in a tomato?? LOL I don't even know! DUH! lol I know there is some fruits that have a type of citric acid or what not...
Yep, tomatoes can be very acidic, I always put a little sugar in some of the recipes that call for tomatoes,spaghetti sauce, lasagna, etc. it cuts the acid and gets rid of that tangy, bitter taste.
oh... ok - I thought so, just needed some reassurance that I wasn't losing my mind!!! LOL