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Jan 20, 2004
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I just found out that the Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza is having their trend show this Sat (April 10th). Anyone planning to go? I'm considering it, since the last show was so much fun
but I know I can't afford to buy much, since I have to pay my taxes


I called SCP again, and apparently the official Trend Show already happened. This Sat. is a makeover event. It sounds like most lines will be having makeovers, but there won't be a fashion show or samples like the trend shows. I know maiho posted about a possible Stila GWP this weekend, so other lines may have special gifts.

Hope that makes sense

Thanks for the info. I won't be able to make it to South Coast this weekend because of Easter. Plus I hate going to the mall on the weekend and fighting with the crowd. My ultimate favorite is online shopping! But buying makeup is a lot harder online because of the color samples.


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