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Jan 25, 2012
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Hello! I'm new to mineral products, and I purchased a kit from Southern Magnolia Minerals. It has foundation, blush, mineral veil, illuminizer, etc.

Has anyone tried them? I can't find much about them and I'm curious how the experts feel their products compare to other mineral brands. The more I research mineral cosmetics it seems there are more similarities than differences in most of the small brands.

Thanks in advance!

I am trying them right now.  No shipping charges which is nice,  and they have lots of different iluminizers, which I like.  Plus Barb, their customer service lady gets back to you quickly.  But their mineral ingredients are a bit different, they have some extra, nontoxic ingredients.  and they say you can't apply damp, which I want to be able to do, so I don't know. Still trying to find the best way to apply mineral makeup that is not the dry app.  I don't want airborne particles.  I've heard mixed with a facial cream, wtih water, or even with oil.  


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