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Jun 13, 2004
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Spa Fixes for Healthy Hair

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Longing to take a break from your usual hair-care routine? Summer's a great time to try these spa-inspired recipes for renewal that put your hair's well-being first.

Aloe-and-Olive Shampoo

Healing herbs and aloe vera make this a gentle daily shampoo that cleans with mild, fragrant lather.

Make an infusion by pouring 1 cup boiling water over ½-ounce dried flowers: chamomile for blondes, hibiscus for redheads and rosemary for brunettes. Cover, cool and strain. Add ½ cup natural liquid castile soap, 1 teaspoon olive oil and 2 tablespoons aloe vera juice to 1/3 cup herbal infusion. Bottle and shake thoroughly.

Fair Hair Herbal Care

Herbal infusions added to botanical shampoos, conditioners and scalp-massaging oils help maintain the healthy sheen and bounce of beautiful hair. Herbs for blonde tints include chamomile and rhubarb. For redhead tints, use alkanet, henna and red hibiscus. For brunette tints, use lavender, rosemary and sage. Fruits to moisturize hair include apple, avocado and currant. For oily hair use cranberry, grape, lemon and pomegranate. For conditioning, use banana, fig and pear. The pulp and juice of fresh fruits are bursting with proteins, vitamins and emollients to restore moisture and nutrients to the hair. They add volume while stimulating new growth.

Molasses-and-Banana Conditioning Pack

Combine these fragrant ingredients for an excellent cure for dry, lifeless hair: 1 banana; ¼-cup honey (if fair haired, use ½-cup honey); ¼-cup molasses (for brunettes only); 2 tablespoons wheat germ. Mix ingredients together. Massage into clean, damp hair and leave for 20 minutes. (If desired, cover hair with a shower cap.) Wash and condition as usual. This rich, thick elixir is the perfect remedy for over-dry hair. Honey and molasses add body and shine, wheat germ is high in vitamins A and E, and banana conditions dry tresses. Molasses adds body, banana is conditioning and honey gives shine.

Orange-Chamomile Hair Rinse

For an excellent after-shampoo rinse, try this homemade remedy using invigorating orange and soothing chamomile in a winning combination: 1 cup fresh chamomile flowers (or ½-cup dried); peel of 1 orange; 1 cup apple cider vinegar; 2 cups water. Simmer all ingredients for 6 to 8 minutes. Strain and let cool. Pour over just-washed hair and leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse and dry as usual. Apple cider vinegar helps remove dead skin cells and control dandruff and excess oil. Soothing chamomile and invigorating orange leave hair soft, shiny and squeaky clean.

Avocado Hair Conditioner

The protein levels in ingredients like fresh avocado and egg help leave hair shiny, soft and smooth. Blend 1 egg and ½ avocado (eat the other half to help lower cholesterol). Massage into hair and scalp. Leave on 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, then gradually change to warm water.

Great recipes for homemade products. They are great to use and can be pretty effective. Before this is what a lot of women would do to keep their hair looking good. They couldn't buy ready made products. Thanks!

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