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May 19, 2006
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What you'll need:

  • Styrofoam ball, approximately 4†in diameter
  • Purple acrylic paint
  • Sponge applicator
  • 2 large wiggle eyes
  • Hot glue
  • 9 black chenille sticks
  • Colorful craft gems OR purple sequins and sequin pins
How to make it:
  1. Using the sponge applicator, paint the entire Styrofoam ball and allow to dry completely.
  2. Use eight of the chenille sticks for legs. To do this, at the bottom of each one, bend into a foot, about 1†long. Bend at the “knee†about halfway up the stick.
  3. When the ball is dry, insert the chenille sticks into the body, four on each side.
  4. Cut the last chenille stick in half, and then cut one of those halves in half again. Bend the quartered chenille stick to create a “feeler†(officially known as a “palp,†for those budding scientists) about ½†long and place one on either side of the face (on either side of where the mouth would be).
  5. Hot glue the wiggle eyes onto the spider’s face.
  6. Decorate the spider’s back with purple sequins, securing them in place with sequin pins. Alternatively, especially with younger children, you can glue colorful craft gems to the back instead.
  7. Adjust the legs so that the spider stands on its own.

  • Sequin pins are tiny and can be hard for younger children to manipulate. Using craft gems is a great alternative. Craft gems can be found in any discount department store or craft supply store.
  • Sponge applicators can be found by the paintbrushes in any craft supply or discount department store. They are also available at building supply stores as they are commonly used for applying stains and varnishes.
  • Styrofoam is very porous and can take a little while to dry. Plan something fun during drying time so that the children aren’t impatiently waiting at the table to begin the next step. This is also a good time to cut and bend the chenille sticks.
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