(Spoiler) QVC New Beauty Test Tube Winter-Spring 2013

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Feb 26, 2011
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Note: The cover of the Winter-Spring 2013 is not shown above.​

Screencap of cover from iPad.

I am obsessed with Shadow Pencils and I've been wanting to try the Tarte ones!  I wonder what colors they'll be sending.  I like the color the polish shown too and I'm a sucker for hand creams.  I'm excited for this one!

This looks really promising to me! The only thing I'm meh about is the hand cream, but the rest of it I'd love to try or have!

Though I'm wondering if the regular NBTT will add more items. Last I saw there were only 5 and I already know I don't like 1 of them (those face cloths that were also in a Target bag). 

1st of all thank you for calling me Gabi :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> (even in video games I ask ppl to call me by my name XD) 

2nd I like: The Julep nail polish(cuz moar nail polish pls), the tarte smoldereyes, cuz I haven't tried them, the miracle worker cleanser, cuz I love philosophy and want to try this out, and ofc the Mally High Shine cuz I love Mally!

The rest I have no use for :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> well maybe the hand cream

I am soooo excited about the nail polish as well as the eye shadow pencil!  Looks like more high quality products, we shall see. Thanks so much for the updates everyone! 

I am really torn about this one! I love Julep, would love to try the Tarte, Mally and love Bliss products. But I do not know if that is enough to get it. Especially since I have subbed to Popsugar Must Have box now! Ummm decisions to make!!!!

Well I'm going to pass on this one.  I have more than enough Julep, I already have the Tarte pencil, Bliss lotion, and Mally lipgloss.  I use Ole Henriksen every day and that particular cream is too heavy for me.  I've tried Miracle Worker and it is not a miracle worker for me!!  The only ones I could use are the Nick Chavez conditioner but why aren't they sending the shampoo as well...uggh I HATE that!  Other than the conditioner Algenist is the only one that is new for me and really...is it worth the $50 bucks for that?  Don't think so.

I'm kind of glad about all this because I'm trying to recover my budget & bank account from Christmas!!

LyndaV- do you like the Tarte pencil? I also have a lot of Julep polishes! Maybe I shouldn't get it this time!

I want the Algenist, the Ole, the philosophy and the Bliss. But I think ANOTHER Malley lipgloss is enough to make me rethink this one.

Yes I do like the Tarte pencil...mine is a pretty deep plum color. Good for green eyes. I like that it is a chunky liner, for me it is easier than a skinny one. The built in smudges is great.

Since IMATS is in three weeks I've decided to pass on both my normal TestTube and the QVC version. I rather take the $80-ish dollars and use it at IMATS.

As much as it kills me i need to pass.  I have such a surplus of products (ridiculous really!!) I need to work on.  I also need to save my $$$  spent way too much in 2012 on things I dont NEED. 

Now see there you go. Talking too much sense. Ugh. You really got me thinking I should do the same. I really am overflowing with product. I think I'll skip as well. I skipped last quater too and lived.

Dang it. I just went on to skip shipment and the tube shipped on the 27th. Ack. Last I looked it was going to ship on the 8th. So if you ladies are going to skip you better look today to see if yours shipped already.

QVC sent me a letter last week to let me know my A/D was going to be shipping on 1/8 in case I wanted to make any changes.

I cancelled the last tube, but am excited for this one. I love Algenist, Philosophy, and Ole Henriksen. And I got the matching Nick Chavez shampoo in my last Beautyfix box. The only things I have a ton of and don't need are the Tarte liner and the Mally gloss; i will probably gift those. 

Got the tube today. The lipgloss is in Mallys Baby and I think the eyeliner is plum. It doesn't say on the liner itself what the name is. Looks like there are three options for the eyeliner according to the little insert. Julep is Melanie. It's a pretty blue steel color. EDIT: Julep describes Melanie as a "Pastel indigo metallic chrome"

Seeing it the pic... yeah, I'm passing this quarter. I like the items shown but $40 on items I may or may not use soon well I rather spend that elsewhere this quarter.