Squared, Squoval or Round Nails?

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Jun 9, 2012
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how do you ladies and gents shape your nails? I love squaring off my nails. I think they look nice, clean and professional. My nails naturally grow rounded and since I have long bony spider fingers, rounded nails make them look inhuman and I've accidentally cut people with them . Squoval nails I sometimes do if I want a change in nail shape. If I want to go back to square nails I can just file them back

I guess I do squoval since I like a flat tip but that has rounded edges so it doesn't catch on anything.

Squoval here. I, too, worry about catching them when I square them..although I round them a bit more when I go short.

Sort of squoval here too, my thumb nails are square, the others are oval but i always make sure i don't have any pointy edge that could get caught up in my clothes or scratch skin (i have eczema so big concern ! ^^).

Round... I guess I don't understand the obsession with squared nails. I think they look so weird and my nails grow round naturally so I don't understand going out of my way to change the shape. I know a bunch of people with naturally squared nails so that works for them but I prefer mine rounded and they look best that way

I do squoval and round depending on the polish color, like I'd never file them round if I'm using dark colors because it looks weird on my fingers. 


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