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Jun 26, 2012
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I think most people that really know me and look at my face know that I have always struggled with finding foundations! You will most likely never hear me talk of any foundations thru reviews because I have never found anything that really looks good on my skin. My family always tells me how terrible my foundations look on me. A little back ground of my skin - I am very fair skinned also have a lot of redness in the face around the nose area as well as the chin area. I suffer from acne but only one week a month and then it fades but never acne free. I have very dry skin. I also am a flight attendant so one day I am in Canada and the next I'm in Florida laying on the beach. My skin is always confused with different climate change daily. Now lets get started on the real deal here:) Balanced Satin Finish Foundation First impression of trying Starlooks foundation? I was a little nervous to try this out because there are no reviews on this product and let's be honest my luck for foundation stinks but always looking for the perfect one but I may have to look no further. I decided to pick this up when they had a 20% off sale to try the foundations. Disclaim- I purchased this product with my own money. This review is my own opinions. So finally my Starlooks foundation arrived . It came in a nice box packaged as all other Starlooks products are packaged. The packaging itself for the bottle is so cute. I love the pump applicator . Lets dig into the foundation itself- This foundation doesn't have any strong smell released from product This formula is a liquid foundation that is very light weight . It smooths over your skin beautifully and blend in instantly It doesn't look or feel like its just sitting on top of my skin. Looks very natural. The coverage Right away the redness with the first application instantly taken away Little product goes a long way with this product. It is build-able without looking caked The thing I am most impressed about on this foundation is the way it feels on my skin. Words can't even describe how it makes you feel like your skin is healthy. It doesn't have a shine but you will feel like your face is brighter and healthy. My skin hasn't been this amazing since I used Exuviance moisturizer face routine but I had to get rid of it because I couldn't afford it. I swear if you have ever used the Exuviance products this is what your skin will feel like wearing this foundation . It is a beautiful product and if I can get that out of a foundation and not pay for that moisturizer I'm sold. I think it's perfect for people with dry skin but I don't think it's to much for people who have oily skin. This is a very happy medium foundation that can fit many types! It comes in a wide range of colors. The price is 18$ for a bottle. Also if you have any questions with what color will work for you contact Starlooks with current colors you wear and they will match you. Final thought I would definitely recommend this to my friends. I do like a little more coverage so I would like to try a concelor as well but just to have more coverage on acne. What foundation could possible make your skin feel beautiful when taking makeup off and moisturizing?yes it is that amazing.

I love this review! You've piqued my curiosity about the product. I tend to go more for full coverage foundation now, since I have redness and some acne that plague me. I can always sheer out the foundation to my liking..what's the color range available?

It looks like it comes in 16 diffrent shades! They also can take a favorite shade that you love already at home and match it if needed! I love the product so much I just bought two more bottles:) xmas present to myself!


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