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Apr 6, 2005
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I have a horrible stiff neck. It is on the fourth day now and not getting better. I used heat, but nothing helps. What should or could I do to aleviate this. It is driving me nuts!!!!! The only thing I did different, was I had a yard sale the other day , and it was really cold. I might have kept my body tense trying to stay warm or something. I just don't know what happened to it.

My chiropractor would smack me upside my head ( ouch!) for using heat on a stiff or sore muscle. Try a cold compress. Cold will reduce the swelling associated with the stiffness.

is the neck the only part that hurts? Do you have a head ache also? Maybe a call to your MD is in order.

I hate those!

I just try to massage the area often with oil and put a heating pad on it. It takes days for it to loosen up.

Try the cold compress. Also stretch that neck. I know it will hurt but you need to move it and work out the stiffness.

Just wanted to let you gals know how much I appreciate all the support here for my neck and to let you know I am much better now. It is still sore, but at least I can move it now. Have a great day.

ouch! i feel the pain. try the cold and stretch and massage it. hope it works!

ouch!! i actually have the same problem, my right shoulder blade is absolutely killing me!!, been close to week now. I can really feel it when i sit up or move around a certain way!! Driving me crazy!!! lol

Go see someone, because it could lead to something more serious, or more pain... drop by the doc's office. Sometimes heat can make the pain worse.


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