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Mar 17, 2011
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Northern New Jersey
Stila just sent out this newletter and how to on the Geometric Eye...

What do you think of the look?

Personally, I dont like it - I think it makes the eyes look droopy.

That doesn't seem like a "look"... it seems like an accident, lol. My eyeliner looks like that when I am halfway done with it?

Agreed, it doesn't flatter at all. It looks like she accidentally wiped most of it off!

The partial-liner look ONLY works when the eyeliner is bold, crisp and black. Her eyeliner is smudgy and terribly pigmented, so it just looks kind of sloppy. Even then, it looks better on the runways than for everyday makeup

^ that's probably the look she was going for, but in my experience, Stila liners aren't well-pigmented


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