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Stila at coterie

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Jun 8, 2012
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Los Angeles/ San Francisco
Hey everyone! So I was on facebook and saw this ad.

 What do you think? I wonder if it will be single items or sets? I have 3 $25 coupon codes burning a hole in my pocket lol!  I hoping that they will have some other one step products like one step illuminate or one step correct. Or maybe their foundations or their set and... powders. Im a stilaholic so I will be all over this!

yup, it's on their website under "upcoming events" also.

after getting the 4 butter london polishes for $11 i'm hoping i can get another deal like that with stila with another coupon i have.

i'm dyinggggg to know what they're going to have on sale, it seems like a lot of the events they've done so far have been set type deals with multiple products, so who knows. someone asked about it on facebook but they haven't responded to the person.


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