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Jade Blossom and Midnight Bloom. I prefer Jade Blossom. You can get them at Sephora for about $50.

Have you smelled creme boquet and I think it's called floral something?? And if so, did you like those ones, or just the 2 you mentioned?

I've smelled Creme Bouquet and Jade Blossom and I definetely prefer Jade Blossom it has more lemon scents in!!

i really like the creme bouquet. it is really subltle and sweet smelling. i spray it in my car even. jade blossom is really pretty too. i like that they are really subtle. but the midnight bloom is not very subtle. i received a sample of it from sephora expecting to like it since i really like orientals, and it was a bit too strong for me.

the moisturizers come in single notes from the perfume (jade blossom and creme bouquet) so that you can personalize your own scent. i never bought the moisturizer, but it seems like a cool idea.

I have creme bouquet but I use it only for special occasions since it is expensive and also not something I would wear every day. I love it!


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