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Feb 12, 2004
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I've heard lots and lots of hype over Stila's lipglazes. They are kind of expensive considering they are a twist up pen, and usually those don't last long at all. They now have put twice the product into the lipglazes. They look so pretty. I really want to try one. Have any of yall used these before? How is the quality? Does the product compensate for the price?

I've never tried them FairyRave but i've heard lots of good things about them. Unfortunately Stila isn't available anywhere near me so i rarely get to try their products. There is a new department store opening soon though & i'm *praying* that they'll have a Stila & NARS counter coz we don't have a NARS counter either

I've never actually tried them other than I looked at them at sephora and I wasn't all that impressed. It looked like the product gets messy and is hard to use. I could be wrong though since I don't actually own one and haven't tried it in every day use.

If you like scented & flavored glosses, then you'll love them! The banana actually smells & tastes like banana!


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