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Originally Posted by Lealabell is online here:

Is anyone tempted by anything?

I think I *need* the bag, the nail varnish in Raspberry pop, and maybe a couple of the e/s sticks.:icon_love

the eyeshadow sticks look nice, might have to swing by the counter tomorrow
I hope so too Trisha because only 4 colours in the collection aren't enough. We need some greens, blues, and purples

Originally Posted by Trisha The e.s sticks are gorgeous!! They dont drag the eyelid like MAC shadesticks do! I really hope they become a permanent part of the line at some point!! x
The nail polish is cool, its kinda like the lipglazes, sheer but with a pop of translucent colour x

Aw cool. My mom loves Shadesticks coz they’re easy to apply so I’ll have to tell her about the eye shadow sticks! Do the apply really sheer Trisha?

The e/s sticks remind me of the shadesticks!

I'll probably pass on this collection... MAC is making me broke anyway!

The sticks look nice! But Stila is only at Sephora over here - and that's not the closest to me... so I guess I'll just have to settle for more MAC!! LOL


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