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Feb 27, 2005
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Just saw this on the stila site. Has anyone used this? What is it for? like is it foundation or something?

Originally Posted by Liz Just saw this on the stila site. Has anyone used this? What is it for? like is it foundation or something? :icon_loveA few days ago a Stila make up artist use it as a foundation when she did my make up!!It is gorgeous!!I really like the clever packaging!!Is like a powder packaging and when you squiz with your fingers in the sponge the foundation come up!!It has sheer coverage and it's perfect for the summer! Some girls don't like it because it feels too oily but I have oily skin and it didn't feel oily at all an my skin!Also I have sensitive skin and I'm allergic to many foundations,like MAC,but with this foundation I didn't have any allergic reaction!!
Sounds interesting.. Is it new? Maybe Trisha might have some info for you Liz!

Originally Posted by Trisha Pivotal Skin is old, it was repackaged as it used to be part of the Stila Sport range.
it has similar cover to a TM and is really meant for dry skin but if its work for your skintype and you are not dry then fab!

it has an SPF and the "ink" pad is antibacterial.

Very quick and easy to apply x


pivotal skin

A multi-use formula that gives sheer coverage and protection of spf 8 in one sweep. Minimizes pores and reveals an inherent dewiness with a finish so complete that powder is unnecessary. Touch and sweep on fresh, youthful skin.


Touch sponge pad gently and apply with fingertips, working with a small amount of product to keep it sheer. Over application defeats the luminous quality of pivotal skin.

Really Trisha?Pivotal Skin is only for dry skins?I have combo to oily skin and when I used it it didn't fell greasy at all!!Can you explain that?
Originally Posted by Trisha in theory its meant to work better on dry skin as its very moisturising, but you can use it on any skin type except really oily! If it works for you then its cool, you should get it! The only reason i cant wear TM's or Pivotal is cos i get stressed at work and get even more oily¬ x
I know what you mean!When I get stressed I get more oily too! What Stila's foundation is better for oily skins? What you wear for your oily skin?
Originally Posted by Trisha I dont currently wear Stila fndt to wrk (naughty i know) cos we dont currently have a med-full coverage liquid fndt! I cant wait for our fndt stick to be released tho and the new concealer, they are great!! The best ones we currently do for very oily skin are the powder fndt's, Illuminating Powder and Smooth Skin. x
Oh it's going to release a new foundation stick and a concealer?The concealer will be stick or cream?
Originally Posted by Trisha the concealer is cream in a tube and is full coverage!! It covers scars, pigmentation etc, should be out in October in Europe, there will also be a new concealer brush to use with it and a foundation brush also released! x
That's good news!!I think I will love this concealer because I have a huge problem with dark undereye circles!!
what is the difference between the illuminating liquid foundation and just the liquid foundation?

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