Stopped by Ulta and TJ maxx after work tonight... forums

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Jan 16, 2012
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Picked up a few things...that I didn't need lol

Here is a crappy picture on my couch lol.

Picked up a set of 5 nail polishes by theBalm and the smokey eye kit by theBalm at tjmaxx, and then redeemed my rewards for the green piggy polish at Ulta, and also picked up revlon whimsical, revlon lip butter in candy apple, and nyx strip lash adhesive. Should make for a fun weekend! 

Exactly! What was I supposed to do, walk away? lol, 10 dollars for 5 polishes, and they are good polishes. Just add tjmaxx to another store I need to avoid if I ever want to save money!

I don't think walking away from deals like that is possible! If I'm on a no buy I cannot go into TJ Maxx, they always have something awesome that I end up wanting lol!


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