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May 6, 2004
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Found this article on an irish site. It recommended a few products to use before using your ceramic straightener. I've noticed a few of these might not be available in USA though, so can anyone else recommend their fave product to use on their hair before using a ceramic straightener??

Straighten With Care!

So by now we're all pros at the hair straightening malarkey. We've upgraded from the iron and the ironing board to heated plate straightener to the godsend ceramic straightener. But after we've ooed and awed over our poker straight locks, we start to realise that all this super heat can't be good for our hair! So to keep your tresses super sleek and protected at the same time, check out these heat protective styling products, the essential companion for your straightener.

So lets start with the la crème de la crème…we know that ghd stands for good hair days and not a cult, even if they do have a cult following! The pioneers of ceramic straighteners have given us super straight locks but also the stuff to protect your hair from your straightener. GHD Hair Iron Oil is an oil free formula to aid straightening, smoothness and to maintain shine and hold whilst using heated styling tools. It helps repair damaged hair whilst moisturizing, conditioning and lubricating as well as providing thermal protection. Just like the straightener, it's quite popular, but also a bit pricey!

However it's not the only heat styling protective product out there. Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Spray (available from larger Boots stores) has also proved quite popular. It contains an extract of the antioxidant Green Tea that protects hair form environmental and heat damage reducing “free radical formation caused by UV and heatstylingâ€. The result; you end up with the perfect, protected straight look. If you really want super straight hair, try out Lee Stafford straightening shampoo and conditioner along with the flat iron spray to achieve the complete effect.

Charles Worthington Results range has created a Stay Cool Heat Protector Spray to fit your handbag and your dressing table. This spray is formulated with essential sunscreens, anti static properties and thermal protection to prevent heat styling damage for all hair types. It is a perfect travel companion for those sun holidays, simply spritz a little in your hair before sun bathing and again in the evening before blow drying and straightening you hair. It's also available in the Charles Worthington Takeaways Range.

Well – known celebrity hair stylist Beverley Cobella (star of many Head & Shoulders ads) has also launched her own ultra stylish and sophisticated hair care product range, which contains Beverley Cobella Stay Straight Flattening Balm. Its magic ingredient is marine complex, which helps smooth, condition your hair as well as protecting it from heat damage created by heated styling tools.

An alternative is Trevor Sorbie Straightening & Shine Balm. This product also contains the antioxidant of green tea and grape seed alongside UV filters and Vitamin E to protect the hair from nasty UV rays and heat styling as well as giving you deliciously straight tresses.

Last on my list, but not least is Botanics Straight and Sleek Heat Protection Mist. Botanics claim to fame is its use of the “power of plants†in their products. This new product to the Botanics range is designed with nature's best to protect your hair from heat damage either from UV rays to heated hair irons. This handy spray can be spritzed onto damp hair just before styling, to give a straight sleek and split end free hair. Available from Boots.

So if you are a slave to straightening, make sure you take the simple step of protecting your hair from your hair iron, after all, you don't want to end up being a slave to your split ends!

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