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Jan 16, 2007
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Hey everyone,

I was thinking of getting a straightener, but don't know which one would work. What's the best straightener you've tried? I have thick hair, if that helps! THANKS FOR ANY ANSWERS!!!

Probably the girls on USA would answer to buy a Chi or a Sedu flat iron... But then, this post probably fits better on Hair Care talk

There are a TON of threads on straighteners. Use the search feature on the top of the forum. You will find many threads.

You know, I've had good luck with the Conair Ceramic straightener. It's not pricey and does a great job, really. I have thick coarse hair and did my hair this morning. I just made sure I used a little Sunsilk "Anti-poof" lotion while my hair was damp, let it air dry and applied Biosilk serum when I was dont straigtening.