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Feb 6, 2007
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Is there a product on the market that helps keep stray hairs down and not sticking up?

Because my hair is driving me NUTS!!!


Have you tried using a serum, pomade or wax?

Use these products sparingly, after you hair is dry, on just the unruly hairs.

I have the same problem. I use Pantene Smooth Styling Milk. It's pretty good and it makes my hair shiny. I put a little in my hands and then rub my hands together and put it on dry hair. It's pretty lightweight. I don't know how bad your flyaways are, but it seems to work for me. :)

Spray a bit amount of hairspray on a toothbrush and brush strays down. (old trick)

Instead of hairspray you can also use Static Guard.

I also find that a serum helps, but only a teeny amount!

Hope one of these methods will work for you.

Good luck.

I use Sheer Blonde Dream Cream, by John Frieda. It works great to tame frizzies or wild hairs.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone,

i think i shall try the hairspray on the brush trick and see what happens.

im scared of promade, because it looks so greasy but i guess trying couldnt hurt

I use a spray serum for an all-over fix, or if it's just one hair I usually use some hairspray or gel and a toothbrush. Seems strange, but it's really effective.

i was thinking a pomade or wax too.

i love the one victoria's secret makes.

and it smells awsome.

try fiber gum. it's not as heavy and greasy as wax or pomade. i use the fructis stuff in the little green ball. a tiny bit on your palms or fingertips should do the trick.


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