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Dec 4, 2005
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For all the Studio Fix users here do you get a tingling/burning sensation from it? Kinda like the feeling when you wear BE? I kinda have that around my cheeks and eyes and I don't know if it is just my skin being overly sensitive after using BE 2 days this week or if the Studio Fix is doing it. Anyone experience this?


i forgot to add.... i read somewhere that studio fix powder have fibreglass in it and the little fibreglass helps bond the powder together and when you apply it, it'll cut your face a little... not too sure how true that is but...... im staying off till i can get the facts right...

Hmm...I don't get a burning sensation, but sometimes it itches a little bit on me. It's not nearly as bad as the different mmu foundations I've tried, though. They all make me itch so bad!

It sounds like your skin might be sensitive to the Studio Fix powder, though. Some people do get reactions from it...

No, that hasn't happened to me but maybe your allergic to some ingredient as the girls say.

BE has bismuth oxichloride, which is a form of spf, but many people are allergic to it (including myself). macs select spf also has this ingrediant, but studio fix does not. as for fiberglass in fix, i believe thats a rumor. it does contain isostearyl palmitate as a binder, which is common in cosmetics. maybe youre allergic to that?

I used it yesterday just to see if Saturday was a freak reaction and I didn't get the prickly sensation though I did put primer on my cheeks. I think my skin is just being a pain in the a.. Thanks for the responses.

According to the MAC web site:

"It contains Silica, which helps to maintain a matte finish by absorbing oils on the skin, as well as Talc to provide a smoother, less reflective, matte finish. The talc has been milled to a microscopic size to provide a beautiful texture while allowing the skin to breathe."

I have not had any reaction to it.

yea i got that with studiofix and select.i went to the mac counter and they told me that it was an allergic reaction. so if you keep using it, it will ruin your skn.thats what they told me


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