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Obsessed with lipstick
Dec 22, 2004
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Bay Area, California
My skin type is oily and acne prone. I am 28 years old and a few years back I experienced a very bad acne problem which caused me to break out with cysts so big that they took months to heal. I became obsessed with picking at them because they were totally massive and ended up with scars. The problem was centered around the lower jawline and on my cheeks. I tried Clinique's acne skincare line and nothing worked. I actually found out that because I was losing weight, my hormones were freaking out and caused the problems. I found a product containing triclosan to work great and it cleared up.

Few years later, it happened again. No weight loss this time, but weight gain! Same areas were affected on my face. I started using a Japanese skincare line called Noevir and it worked great! Cleared up everything in a week. I continued to use that for a long time to maintain the good skin, but I got my hands on this other Japanese brand called DHC and I like that even better. It's sooo cheap too! It's an olive oil based skincare and I ordered a lot of things off the website today.


Go check it out! The facial bar of soap was only $10