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Dec 9, 2006
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Girl-i-fying menswear trends has long been a style staple. There is something mysterious and sexy about dressing in clothing inspired by the opposite sex. From high-waisted trousers to a simple white button-down, there are plenty of ways to add some "dude" to your closet. There is one menswear style that has a little more femininity infused in it, and that item is the shirt dress.
The shirt dress is always a classic and is an office must have. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to add accessories to change your look to match the fashions of the moment. Take it a very safe place with ballerina flats and an over-sized business tote. Or sex it up by making it look like you just rolled out of bed with a one night stand, threw on some stiletto heels and hurried out the door.
No matter how you decide to wear your shirt dress it will always be in style. The great thing about the shirt dress is that you can get away with purchasing an inexpensive version because we all know how long we can keep white garments clean. The Gap is selling this ruffled shirt dress for a cool $69.50, which also comes in black. For a more classic (non-ruffled) version check out, they have a great one on sale by Steven Alan which comes in a variety of colors.
Would you wear them? i totally would, i think it gives you a youthful fresh look, they're very nice to wear during the summer, if you get a black one it can also be worn during the winter with boots.
Absolutely love these. I wear them with all kinds of shoes too, even sneakers, depending on the how casual the dress is. They work best with strappy platforms for the summer look though. Although I have one that can pass off as business casual with black pumps or tight, black boots.

I like the first and the fourth one, I would wear those. The rest aren't really my kind of style, but I could see other types of women wearing the heck out of 'em!

I hate girlified men's wear!!!! Is nothing sacrid!!! lol Keep it up and your going to ruin my hobby!!! I'll end updressing like a guy again....


I love those! But i have none, because i never find one that isn't very expensive or fits me right :/


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