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Seriously her neck does look freaky in this picture. I Like the top part of the dress better then the bottom. Love her shoes. And she has a fab body! She looks better as a blonde.

cute outfit lol

but i mean in that pic you can't help but notice the anna nicole smith cheesy smile though

i have NEVER found ANYTHING attractive about jessica simpson sorry, oh and she's famous why again? i dont believe i remember hearing anything by her on the radio nor seeing her in some award winning movie or somewhat decent movie...she's hideous. IMO

hate the dress. It would make most people look like a cow for sure, not to mention that it makes her look way bigger than she is. The expression is kind of scary.

Love the shoes though!

i only like the shoulder/neck part of the dress, the rest makes me think: drapes >.<

shoes are nice too though!


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