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Jan 4, 2007
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does anyone else do this? I have some of sugar baby's pink ink:


it's described as being multipurpose for eyes, lips, cheeks, and it's like a gel blush. I havent really tried using it on my eyes before (I was like, wtf, blush on your eyes? WHY would you do that!)

but last night I dreamt about that wet-look makeup which is really soft and pale, and I thought what the heck. I'll give it a go. I couldn't take pictures since my camera died but it came out really well!

so, do you guys use multi purpose products for ALL their advertised uses?

I used this stuff on my cheeks and eyes today, and I've used it on my lips before also..

OMG! That looks so cute! So what is it it like a pink tint or something? Okay, never mind, I just re-read what you wrote about it being a "gel blush".

So where can one buy this, online maybe? Is it an Australia-specific product, or do they sell it overseas?

hmm, I'm not sure nox, it's in most priceline chemists in aust. I have seen it at too..

it's not all that expensive either and it smells like lollies

this one is pink but they have a red one too

I only use it on cheeks. It does smell wonderful! I might try it on my lips tomorrow.

i have it.

i got it in a set that was on sale in ulta (when they used to have the line).

its like a water-y stain.

now theyre lipglosses i really like.

So you mean they don't carry it anymore?

I was looking online for it, and the online places selling it were in the UK. I am not about to take a hit with my monopoly play money *ahem* I mean, US dollars. The exchange rate sucks @$$ right now. And on top of shipping too... yikes.

Hmm. I'm gonna see if I can produce my own homemade brew of it. This could be really fun! I'll let you guys know if I'm successful.

Well not really. What might work for my face might react differently on my lips, so nah I don't take no chances. But, I have used Revlon ColorStay concealer on my lips to create a nude lip. Tastes nasty, but looks great.


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