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Apr 7, 2004
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IF you have not tried the I Taste Like Sugar mini lip gloss set, go to Sephora ASAP and get some. Tell your significant other that you cant live without it. I love, love, love this product. YOu get twelve glosses in beautiful shiny colors. Some of them are shimmery, some clear, some beautifully pigmented. They all however, taste like sweet yummy maple syrupy kind of flavor. If you like sweet glosses these are a must have. I have had mine since december and i use one every day. This is my favorite of all time. I did a review if you want more info. I am sure you will love these.

Thanks for the tip, Hlmjmerk! The gloss set sounds great! A lot of us are gloss fans. How much is it? Can it fit into your purse easily?


I love any Sugar glosses, but since those are so tiny, I prefer the Sugar Slicks and Sugar Kisses, and a few other new ones that are out - I think there's a Sugar Balm, too! I *LOVE* Sugar products!!! (I do have 4 of the Sugar mini's that I got in a swap, and they're what started it all!)

TO answer the price and purse question, they are 28 dollars at they are tiny so the fit easily into a purse or make-up bag. They come in a clear plastic box, that would also fit into a purse w/out a problem. I just don't like carry that around so I keep all of them in my makeup bag at all times. I love them that much. The only thing is they are very small, so you have to be careful you don't lose them that way. I have four small kids and I have not lost one yet. Two of my kids are also girls who love to go in my purse and play with my makeup. Ps I just saw that they also have another set now that is the same price and same packaging but it tastes like ice cream flavors. I am going to have to try that one too. I love sugar's products too Kage_sCupotea They are some of my all time Fav's.

Thanks for the recommendation! I have liked the Sugar products I have tried so far
and the ones in the set are so cute! Any idea how long each one lasts though? They look so small, like they would be hard to apply.


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