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Feb 26, 2011
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I almost forgot to post about it. As I said, I've talked to so many people over the weekend and didn't have a notebook with me. At Cosmoprof's Trade Show next month I'm so taking notepads with me.

Any rate, at a cupcake social hosted by another site I had the chance to talk to Amy about her pro palette she had shown on her site a couple of years ago. I've been harassing her online for two years to release it to the public. If you haven't seen it this is what it looks like.

Amy told me that she is going to make empty palettes! The reason she didn't want to in the past was because she didn't have enough colors to fill it but with the launch of the latest palette she now has enough to fill that beautiful big palette. Exactly when Amy plans to launch it or how much it will be I don't know - yet. I'll continue to harass her about it though since I've been wanting that palette for years now.

Update: On July 24, 2013 Sugarpill sold the pro palette however it was a limited edition item which quickly sold out.


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