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Jun 12, 2004
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Most products I use irritate my skin. Even some Arbonne samples I got for cleaning the face irritated my skin. And, I don't have much money, so I need cheap products ...
Then my skin is also dry ALL year round. Summer and Winter are the worst seasons for my skin. It's really hard to find a product that will not irritate my skin and help with the dryness. Suggestions.

What happen is my face turns red and burns? And, the Arbonne ones I believe were from the Basic line. This has happened with the L'oreal Pure Zone line and the Arbonne line. And, it use to happen with other products when I was younger, not that I can remember them. But, I remember my mom trying to find something that wouldn't bother my face. And, I haven't tried anything from the AVON line as far as a facial wash goes, I have tried a lot of the mousturizers etc, which don't bother me.

Thanks. I will have to look at the ingredients. Because I knew Arbonne was all natural which is why I thought it wouldn't do anything to my face but my face had the same reaction (burning sensation) as it did to L'oreals Pure Zone which probably has a lot of chemicals in it. I will have to keep my eyes open. Plus look into my own products ... ahhh, lol.

Have you tried Cetaphil?

I love their Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin, as well as their Moisturizing Cream. Walmart's knockoff of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is Equate Gentle Skin Cleanser. You get 16 oz. for $4... what a steal!