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May 10, 2012
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Hi all,

does anybody have a suggestion for a good neutral/natural eyeshadow palette?

I thought of Sleek but as far as I can tell from the reviews and swatches, the light colors don't show up well on fair skin.
I thought of NYX nude on nude (not sure big or small one).

I considered UB Naked, but from the swatches it seems to contain too many shimmering shades and it quite pricey.

It can contain shimmery shadows, but mattes too.

It's for fair skin, blue eyes, blond hair. thank you!

I have always kept in my makeup box a wide range of La Femme eye shadows they have great neutrals and they are matte you can mix them with any brand. The Revlon Color Stay has great neutrals and they wear for a long time. When you are using dark colors go to Nars.

I just received my Au Naturale palette from an eBay seller in the UK. It's quite nice. The darker matte colors are really good. One of them is a total dupe for a MAC shadow I have, Mystery. Exactly the same color & texture. The light shades not so much. I also got a MUA Heaven & Earth palette. I haven't swatched it yet bc I want to trade it, but the colors look really nice. They're all shimmers. I'm not keeping it though bc I've got too many colors that are exactly the same. I also have the NYX palette you mentioned. Loved it when I first got it but haven't gotten much use out of it whatsoever. The lip glosses in it are also horrid. They made my lips completely numb within minutes of applying. They're quite pigmented, though. I'd go for the La Femme shadows, personally. I'm attempting to order some right now after hearing gossmakeupartist rave about their blushes. Their stuff is dirt cheap, so you could put together a palette with exactly the colors you want for very little money.

I had Sleek palettes and  the lighter colors were really OK. Now I use UD Naked 1, and you are right, there are many shimmery shades, some of them have also glitter which I hate because it sticks to my contact lenses. But, I love shimmery and metallic shades, so it doesn`t bother me
. Stila has amazing nude colors and you can also make your own palette - all you need is an empty one and eyeshadow refills, that is what I do.

Also, I found not so bad NYX I dream of St. Martin and I dream of St. Kitt.

I know that Sigma has nude palette, but I haven`t tried it.

I would say no to the naked palette because as far as I'm aware the original palette only has 2 truly matte colours. Nude on Nude would be a good alternative. I would also suggest the sonia kashuk matte neutral palettes and the wet n wild comfort zone palete. Its very inexpensive and the shadows are high quality.


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