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Feb 26, 2011
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Among the items Birchbox sent out in November was the Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner (retail: $11) but only two box combinations - 6 & 15 - actually have it.

Ziba (lime green)

Suman (black)

Hansa (olive green)

Hara (dark green)

Jamun (deep purple)

Raina (navy blue)

  Saletii (charcoal grey)

At first glance these pencils look to be the old hard kohl-like liners but looking at it more closely show that it's a softer crayon-like pencil. Birchbox posted this photo on their blog of one of their employees wearing Ziba and Suman.

Image source: Birchbox Blog
I think I may have to get Ziba for my eldest as one of her Christmas gifts since it's a green eyeliner and she's obsessed with anything green. What are your thoughts on this eyeliner? Did you get one in your Birchbox?

I've seen these at several Ziba salons where I live. I tried some colors on my hand while I was waiting to get threaded one day, and to me they were very blendable and great for smudging. I remember being taken by a light blue color, but not sure they still make it. I don't go there anymore since their prices keep going up.

Can anyone tell me about the staying power? I'm curious and am thinking of getting one or two..


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