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Aug 27, 2007
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It's summertime and the living is easy. Or is it? If you find yourself spending more time at your vanity mirror than at the pool, stop! Here are wonderful ways to quit worrying about summer hair dilemmas and start implementing ideas brimming with style.

Take a break from heat styling during the summer months and avoid pulling or tugging the hair when styling. This gives brittle or fragile hair a chance to revive and rejuvenate. In the meantime, how should you wear your hair? This season's look emphasizes movement, freedom and loose, relaxed curls -- no complicated coifs! Apply a little finishing cream to damp hair and wrap locks of hair around your finger to create free flowing waves. Try braiding damp hair to wear during the day, then remove the braid for soft curls at night. A drop of olive oil finger-combed through the hair can help control frizz and create shine.

Use a headband to pull wet hair off the face, letting it dry naturally (a dab of gel can help hold the look). Ponytail wraps, clips, barrettes and other accessories keep hair looking chic and sleek without a lot of time. Follow your hair’s natural texture for swing and movement, especially around the face. And don’t forget to pack a hat or scarf before setting off for a day outdoors.

Summer is the perfect time to try a doubled-up ponytail by pulling the hair partially through an elastic band instead of all the way through. Hair accessories designer Colette Malouf gives this advice for creating the following three styles:

  • French twist: Twist the hair from the bottom upwards. Bend remaining hair into the crease of the twist. Tuck loose hair under the twist. Pierce the top of the twist with the hairpin. Turn the hairpin into the twist and insert it.
  • Chignon twist: Make a ponytail. Twist the ponytail and then wrap it around the center. Twist and wrap until the ends are at the top. Tuck ends under the top of the twist. Pierce the twist and insert the stick up and over the ends.
  • Stick twist: Partially twist hair to the right. Place the stick across the top of the twist. Wrap the hair around the stick and bring the ends down to the left. Turn the tip of the stick to the right and insert at the top. Scooping hair from the scalp, push the stick through, piercing the left side of the twist.

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